Famous Paintings Reproduced In Coffee

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Sure this reproduction of Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam is a lil' bit perverted by the inclusion of a coffee cup, but look closer. The entire masterpiece was painted using only coffee


I'm amazed that I haven't seen these coffee art clones before. They're the creation of Karen Eland, a former barista, who one day decided to dip a paint brush into her coffee cup instead of nibbling on biscotti. By gradually building layers of espresso she's able to create a range of tones and what must be the tastiest smelling paintings ever.

Maybe it's my caffeine addiction talking, but this is the first time I've ever seen the Mona Lisa and wanted to give her a lick. [Coffee Art via Artsy Spot via Neatorama]

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I suspect Karen's first attempts at different tones on her work involved varied coffee drinks - hazelnet non-fat latte, mocha with whipcream, and so forth. Unfortunately, while plain espresso smells astoundingly good for months after application, the milk products bring a new meaning to "bad art".

I wonder if a coffee shop would be interested in buying this artwork for display? Would seem fitting.

Thanks a latte, Rosa. #coffeeartbykareneland