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The scene is a corporate boardroom. A group of executives are gathered around a whiteboard brainstorming ideas for their company's name

Suit 1: OK guys, think, think. We need something grabby, something that people will remember.
Suit 2: Well, we make money clips, so how about ClipCo?
Suit 3: That's terrible. How about Money Clip Maniax?
Suit 1: Those are both awful. We need something that'll really stick in the customer's mind.
Suit 3: CashClipz?
Suit 2: Money Clips Incorporated?
Suit 1: No, no, no! Bernie, you've been pretty quiet. Put down that sandwich and give us an idea why don't ya.
Suit 4: Belch!
Suit 1: Eureka!


Belch Co. money clips, made from high quality carbon fiber. Available online now for $30.

Product Page [Belch Co.]