Faulty Wiimote Straps Exploding TVs Nationwide

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Okay, not really exploding, but breaking nonetheless. Take one white trash hipster doofus, one copy of WiiSports, a Wiimote and a sweaty hand that can't hold onto the Wiimote and you have yourself one broken TV. At least it is an excuse for him to upgrade that old and busted "big screen TV."


Wiimote vs Television [Kotaku]



As someone mentioned at another tech site, we need to do some math...

First, figure out what speed the remote needs to be travelling at in order to damage a television. Factoring in the low weight of the remote, I imagine that speed is quite high, but don't worry about numbers - you're about to see that it doesn't matter.

Now, factor in the speed the remote needs to leave your hand in order to pull at the strap so hard that it breaks it. Again, factoring in the low weight of the remote, this number must be quite high indeed.

Finally though, consider this - when/if the strap actually DOES break, at the very least, it's sill going to slow the remote down tremendously. If the remote leaves your hand with x force, and y force is required to snap the tether, it will only hit the TV with z force, where z = x - y.

Even without filling in the actual numbers, it seems to me that in order for force z to be strong enough to break a television, force x must be inhuman.

But I don't own a Wii, and am neither a mathematician, doctor, physist or lawyer.