FCC Developing First Ever National Broadband Plan

Beginning this morning with a one-hour meeting, the FCC embarked on a mission to roll out a national broadband plan within a year's time. Where are they starting? With you.


Wired's Ryan Singel says the FCC is taking input from average Joes (but probably not plumbers), public interest groups and telecommunication corporations. So far, Obama has dished out 7.2 billion in grants, bogged down in vague stipulations like only being used for "under-served" areas.


But fingers are crossed that the FCC will hammer out this net neutrality plan and roll out a network as powerful as our foreign counterparts, much like Australia did today. Singel mentioned they rolled out a $31 billion plan to provide 100mbps broadband internet that can reach to all citizens. C'mon, FCC! [Wired]

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I think it's a tremendous idea; a good step in the right direction. That said, it's not like we'll be forced to use this, right? We can still keep our current levels of privacy with our current providers, right?