FCC Filing Teases WiMAX Option for Future Apple MacBooks

Illustration for article titled FCC Filing Teases WiMAX Option for Future Apple MacBooks

A new FCC filing for an Intel 5350 WiFi/WiMAX combo card that fits into Mini PCI Express slots is probably the best evidence yet for future WiMAX functionality in Apple MacBooks, but it's still far from a confirmation. The bottom line is that with the new card, the WiMAX option officially exists for MacBooks, but as of yet there are no drivers written that would allow it to work with Apple's line of laptops. You could actually hack your laptop and plug the card in just fine as it is now, but without the drivers (which do exist for Windows), it's pretty useless. That said, the drivers—especially with Intel Macs—are a mere Leopard update or MacBook redesign away. [FCC Filing via ComputerWorld]


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"iEmployee #453, where are my drivers for these WiMax cards?"

"They're in the works sir, but Intel isn't cooperating?"

"Not cooperating? NOT COOPERATING? Well let me tell you iEmployee #453, if you're lying, dragging you to the trash bin will go unnoticed!" *disappears through brushed aluminum shaft*

*goes back to playing Rainbow Six on Dell XPS M1330.