Federal Agents Had to Check Urbandictionary to Get an Arrest Warrant

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So a dumbass walks into a gun shop and asks the shop owner if his illegal gun is illegal. Shop owner says yes, and calls the ATF. And that's how the ATF ended up trolling Urbandictionary.

Justin Kemble is that dumbass. That's him above, looking especially debonair on Facebook. The ATF seized his gun, which he bought from his former step-father, who got it from Craigslist. Oh, and the gun's serial number had been filed down. So it was all totally legit. Anyway, Justin got so, so, so angry that he decided to let everyone on Facebook know that he had more guns, and was going to "murk that cocksucker" shop owner.

Word got back to the authorities, but they had no idea what to make of Justin's highbrow slang, and had to consult Urbandictionary, which told them "the word ‘murk' referred to physically beating someone so severely as to cause their death." They even printed out definitions to include in the criminal report.


So quick recap: Illegal firearm, Craigslist gun purchase, Facebook death threat, federal agents on urbandictionary.com looking up "murk that cocksucker." If that's not America, I don't know what is. [The Smoking Gun]

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When will people learn that facebook is not the place to post things that are illegal...

edit: ...it's America, so never.