Fender Bender is the RoboCop of Electric Guitars

Illustration for article titled Fender Bender is the RoboCop of Electric Guitars

We don't know too much about the Fender Bender, but we do know that, like RoboCop officer Alex Murphy, machinery and electronics have replaced much of the original. In the Bender's case, inventor "Dan" has stripped out all the bits that made this a guitar, and then replaced them with sound board bits. The result is this "weird sound generator" that he can also play using a hand-made motherboard pick guard. Maybe he'll be in touch with a few solo videos so we can hear how this thing sounds. Easy bet: Guitar Hero at 11. [Flickr via CrunchGear]


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Seems like a bit of a waste to me. Why would he need to destroy a guitar to do this? I regular wooden box wouldn't do? It would have looked cooler to make your own box anyways.