Ferrari-Crashing Gizmondo Head Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison

Stefan Eriksson, head of Gizmondo (the failed handheld gaming company who couldn't even plagiarize our name correctly), was sentenced to 1.5 years in prison for robbery, attempted blackmail and making illegal threats (which threats are legal?).

Eriksson, whose story reaches Mark Sanford levels of ridiculous, is famous for crashing a rare Ferrari, escaping at least one prison sentence, possibly having a movie made about him, leading some sort of mafia in Sweden in the 1990s and making a product nobody ever wanted, ever. Referred to in his native Sweden as "Fat Stefan," because he's fat, Eriksson will serve 18 months in prison for his multitude of mafia and gadget-related crimes. Eriksson is a hilarious dirtbag the likes of which we rarely see in the tech world and he'll be missed, at least theoretically, maybe. [The Local via Engadget, photo credit AP]


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