FileSonic Just Killed Itself By Disabling File Sharing

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In what looks like a preventive measure in reaction to the Megaupload shutdown, FileSonic has disabled all file sharing capabilities and is now nothing more than a personal storage solution. It looks like the Feds' tactic of going after the big fish in Megaupload is beginning to scare other file sharing sites into shutting down.


Along with FileSonic, seems to have shuttered its services to the US as well. If committing suicide (or honorably dying like a samurai depending on your perspective) is the trend of these file sharing sites, the shutdown of Megaupload will always be remembered as a dark, dark day for the Internet. Sad. We'll probably see how other file sharing sites like RapidShare, MediaFire react to this news soon. [Filesonic, Thanks for the tip Affan!]

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So, here's a question:

What about those of us who want to LEGITIMATELY share large files?

I have some stop motion animations that I've been working on and sharing files with people who have been helping me with the audio/vocal tracks; typically the file sizes are 150+ mb, well over the standard email file sizes.

If the file sharing services go down, it's going to seriously hamper my file sharing/storage - I'm doing all of this on the cheap (read: free) to simply get experience for animated stuff. So is everyone else working for me. Take away the free sharing systems that we've been using to LEGITIMATELY share our works, and it's going to really hamper us. I really don't relish having to mail a USB thumb drive to the people who are working on me and be a week down for them to get it, process it, and mail it back to me...