Filmmaking God David Cronenberg Will Play Actual God in a Science Fiction Short

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Well, this is some nifty casting. David Cronenberg—supreme lord of body horror; crafter of nightmares; director of films like Scanners, Videodrome, The Fly, Naked Lunch, Crash (the more disturbing and superior one), and A History of Violencewill play God in a new independent science fiction short.

The Toronto-shot film is called Tomorrow’s Shadows, from writer-director Geordie Sabbagh. It’s about a woman (Revenge’s Karine Vanasse) living in a world “where futures are known and happiness is guaranteed by an all-knowing God,” per the Hollywood Reporter.

IMDB has a slightly different description:

Where futures are known and happiness is guaranteed by G.O.D., a mother is given a choice- her child or her perfect future.


Well, that is very cool of the G.O.D. of weird and amazing Canadian genre cinema to lend his star power to an indie short. Cronenberg faithful will know, of course, that he’s no stranger to being on the flip side of the camera lens. He’s had cameos in several of his own films, a role on Alias, and—my personal favorite—a quick but memorable appearance in Jason X, also known as “Friday the 13th in space.”