Finally, a Drill You Can Charge From a USB Port

It only requires assembling a single piece of Ikea furniture to realize why an electric screwdriver is a worthwhile investment. So if you're in the market for one, Black+Decker's new 4V MAX Lithium Pivot Screwdriver could be a great choice for the sole reason that you can charge it from the same USB adapters you use to top off your smartphone or tablet.


The electric screwdriver comes with a wall adapter that connects to its microUSB charging port, but when you eventually lose that you'll be happy to know you probably already own several other ways to top off its rechargeable battery. The $40 drill also features a handle that pivots 90-degrees so you can use it in a pistol grip or inline orientation when space is tight, and the knowledge that the next Ikea shelf you build won't leave your hands cramped and sore. [Black & Decker]

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