Snapchat really broke the mold with this whole single-serve messaging feature. Send a friend a sexy pic without the risk of anybody else seeing it? What genius! Of course some enterprising app developer was going to come along and ruin it.

Snap Save is a new iOS app that lets you save all of your Snapchats for future fun. Being able to save Snapcats isn't new in and of itself—there are other ways to do that—but unlike other methods, this app prevents the sender from knowing you've saved it. (If you take a screenshot of the image, for example, Snapchat notifies the sender.) Just open Snap Save to view your Snapchats, and the app saves a version. That's it. You can pay $2.99 for an ad-free version that lets you save the Snapchats to your Camera Roll.


Pretty neat, right? Pretty creepy, too, when you step back and think about the intended purposes of the app. At least it's, thoroughly creepy, though. The only similar trick we've seen for saving Snapchats without the sender knowing only grabbed images. Snap Save lets you download the entire video for ever and ever. And nobody ever has to know. [BetaBeat]

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