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How to Easily Capture Images In SnapChat Without the Other Person Noticing

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We knew that SnapChat security sucked, but not this much: there is a method to easily capture images sent through SnapChap with no technical knowhow whatsoever. Just a couple clicks and, boom, that nudie pic is yours to keep forever without the other person knowing about it.

Before there was a method that required multiple steps, a computer and some technical ping pong. But this is super easy, requiring only two actions on your own iPhone:

• Open the photo in SnapChat before it expires.
• Take a screenshot by pressing the home and power buttons while keeping a finger on the screen.
• Double tap the home button to bring up the application bar.


That's it.

Now, if you get some Sam Biddle's dick shots, you will be able to treasure them forever. [Raj Vir via TechCrunch]