Find All the Bank Robbers In Your Neighborhood With This Handy Map

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Whether you're just trying to find a way to that restaurant you keep hearing about, or you want to hunt down bank robbers at large for some (ill-advised!) vigilante justice, Google Maps has got you covered. At least, now that the FBI whipped up its own robber-tracking map, complete with all your local miscreants.


The new project indexes bank robberies by location, including geotagged security cam images of the robbers and a written physical description. You can search the map not only by dragging around, but also by searching. And you can narrow your results down even further by limiting results to certain races, sexes, weapons used, even whether or not the robber you're looking for has been caught or not.

It's not exactly the most user-friendly thing ever, but it's definitely a step in the right direction when it comes to utilizing technology and pooling data to try and catch people who like to run around with guns and point them at people for money. Of course, the FBI is also working on a 1 billion dollar program to compile data on you and track you everywhere you go, but at least they're only publicizing the robbers, right? [FBI via Fast Company]


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David Kaufman

I like this way better than the county map of legal gun owners