Find iPad-Created Art at Future/Canvas2

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Rana June may push the iPad to its limits musically while DJing, but the folks at Future/Canvas 2 push the technology to its artistic limits to create stunning works of art.


Future/Canvas2 is an art exhibit that features art inspired by and created on an iPad. The event was organized by Josh Michaels, the creator of the Magic Window app. He conceived the idea for the exhibit last year and held the first event in December 2010. The response from the iPad community was overwhelming.

For this second event, Michaels worked with and scheduled it to coincide with WWDC. The event brings together the developers who wrote the iPad apps and the folks who use them to create amazing art. It's a nice mix of art and technology that produces images like the one above. [Future/Canvas2 and Wired; Image from Flickr/Benjamin Rabe]