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FingerGear follows the Computer-on-a-Stick (COS) bootable USB drive with Computer-on-a-Stick Pro, an update that lets you access files on the host PC and other USB drives, too. So now if your PC tanks, you can just plug in this baby and still have access to all your files.

Like its predecessor, Computer-on-a-Stick Pro is pre-loaded with Linux, as well as the Open Office Suite, Evolution e-mail and Firefox, among many other commonly-used apps. The pocket-sized drive s best feature is that it can be booted up and used as a self-contained operating system, and then when you unplug it you take all the files with you and leave no trace on that host PC. And, it can bypass Windows secure login, so you're free to use it on just about any x86-compatible PC. No worries if it's stolen, either, because everything is locked up with 256-bit AES encryption. The COS Pro is now available in capacities from 256MB ($59) to 2GB ($199).


Product Page [FingerGear]