Fingertip Sized Camera Does HD Video On the Cheap

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It's not quite as adorable as its predecessor, but the new Chobi Cam Pro manages to gain 720P video recording while making a convincing case for it being the world's smallest HD camcorder.


The miniscule camera is barely larger than the tip of you finger, but JTT is trying to dispel the idea that it's just a toy, adding a matte metal housing they hope will make it feel more like an SLR. But they're not going to fool anyone with that tactic. What might actually make the Chobo Cam Pro rise above being just a novelty, though, is its ability to snap 4032×3024 still images and record videos at 720P. Combine that with a 64GB microSD card and you're ready for a covert overnight stakeout.

A built-in mini USB port allows photos and videos to be dumped to a computer if you're lacking a microSD reader, but it also facilitates an included AV cable letting the Chobi Cam Pro be connected directly to a TV. Although you'll be limited to just navigating menus and browsing photos, since a 720P video signal can't be sent over a single composite video cable. And even though JTT is trying to position this camera as a serious alternative to toting a P&S, the $76 price point speaks volumes about how "pro" they think it really is. [JTT via Fareastgizmos]


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