Firefly Lamp

For those of you born in a swamp, this Firefly Lamp will give you the "at home" feeling you can only get when you're knee-deep in marsh water. Each lamp gives you five fireflies, which may or may not be the only thing giving off light in this bulb—it's hard to tell from the picture.


In any case, $99 gives you one bulb-lamp, which you should probably store in a place where you won't accidentally trip, knock over, and embed shards of glass and fireflies in your face.

Product Page [via Crib Candy]



Why does Gizmodo have this annoying tendancy to hotlink the names of things in it's story's and then instead of having the hotlink lead to whatever item it is they're hawking, it just leads to the comment page?

It's almost as annoying as Digg having a "more..." link at the end of every story, and then when you click it, you don't get any more of the story, you just get the same paragraph of text and the comment page.