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First Aerial iPhone Photo From R/C Plane

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Three guys with a mission: use an iPhone mounted in a R/C plane to snap a photo from the air. The problem: You can't make photos without touching the iPhone screen with a human finger. And a live one, at that. And no, the camera application can't be controlled remotely using Wi-Fi. So how did they solve it?

They used a Q-tip damp with salt water, which they attached to a remote controlled servo. But before you run to make your own ghetto iPhone stylus, there's a last piece you will need: a battery and a cable to carry a low current to the Q-tip. This simulates the electricity that you have in your body—what the iPhone uses to recognize human touch. It worked perfectly, as you can see here:


Absolute genius. [Pict'Earth]