First Asus Eee PC 900 Review (Verdict: A Bit More Comfy)

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CNET UK has just published the first review of the upcoming £329 Asus PC 900—the 8.9" version of the Eee packing a 20GB SSD. Their verdict? While still disappointed by the unchanged keyboard, CNET appreciated the bigger screen and addition of multitouch on the trackpad.

Also of note: even though the 900 includes a whole 1GB of RAM, the processor is the same Celeron model we had in the original Eee. CNET was hoping to see an Atom stuck in there for more power and battery life. So overall, despite the extra RAM and storage, CNET sees the upgrades as a bit superficial. Given our long-term impressions of the Eee, superficial was a good place for Asus to start. [cnet]

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Ummn, here's where I prove there are women who read Gizmodo. I just got my 4G Eee PC (Linux) this week. I already have a Dell desktop at work and a Macbook for home, so wasn't looking for the Eee PC to be either of those things. No, I wanted something wireless where I could not only web surf but also generate at real OO Writer or Impress file if needs be. The PIM was a plus too since I have to set appointments and update to-dos wherever I am. Here's what the guys may not be thinking of: it fits in my purse (not a huge manbag) and it weighs so little that is is comparable to the size and weight of a dayplanner. For me, the "upgrade" in size merely diffuses the functionality; it needs to be small to be worthwhile. I took my Macbook with me to my last conference a couple of weeks ago and my shoulder still remembers what toting that baby to lunch after my workshop felt like. I can now hook the Eee PC to a video projector and use Impress, which is my choice over PowerPoint anyway.

Not everyone who uses technology is over six foot tall and has fat fingers. At least half of us are 5' 6" or under (5' 2" here) and carry a purse. The Eee PC is great the way it is. However, for those of you who truly need a larger screen size/keyboard, here's your chance. The 900 a truly useful option. BTW, the fellow who lent me his Eee PC to try out at my conference—he was about 6' 7" with proportionate hand size. He has no problem typing on the Eee.