First Foldable Yoga Mat Goes Down to the Size of a Book

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Apparently, the YoFoMat is the world's first foldable yoga mat, as opposed to your typical rollable ones. According to the manufacturer, it can fold to the size of a book and it offers the same grip as standard yoga mats.

I'm getting into yoga lately and I'm curious about this. Before being introduced to the Weird and Wonderful World of Yoga Mats, those giant rolls of foamy something that people tote around made me think: "WTF is wrong with these weirdos?" Then I learned what they were, but they all looked the same to me and I wondered why it was a rollable thing instead of foldable. Apparently, the YoFoMat people thought the same and fixed it.

I asked about the YoFoMat to my yoga teacher Robyn Ross and, while she has never tried one, she said that "it would be great if you are on a bike or mass transit and want to use only one backpack." She wondered about how it would feel unfolded as well as its material and texture. The material and texture are crucial parts, as they provide with different levels of grip. Usually, they are made of PVC, but there are ones with natural and recycled rubber, jute, and cotton. The YoFoMat uses an eco-friendly material that is "free of phthalates and heavy metals."


The same happens with the length and thickness. The YoFoMat come in 72- and 62-inch lengths, with ultra-thick models. They go from $39 to $55 depending on combinations and colors.

Which brings me to a question that has been bothering me since I learned about this whole yoga mat situation: did Hindi yogis in 2nd century BC give a damn about the materials, colors and thickness of their mats? Most probably not. [YoFoMat]