First Hands-On: Sling Touch Control 100 Remote Control

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This is one fancy remote control. Featuring a touchscreen that lets you manage your DVR as if it was media stored on your phone, it's unfortunately only coming direct from cable/satellite providers. Me wantee.


Once you get your hands on this thing, you can use it to not only control your SlingGuide DVR, but other stuff in your home theater like Blu-ray players and receivers. What I love is the ability to fiddle with your DVR without turning your TV on. Convenient and eco-friendly!



TiVo + iTV app basically does the same thing.

Why doesn't Logitech make a remote that is touch screen and has the guide on it? Instead of flicking through the onscreen guide, just flick through it in your hand and pick what show/movie you want to watch.

Seems almost like a no-brainer at this point.