First HDMI 1.4 Cable Will Live a Lonely, Disconnected Life

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How awful it must feel to be a fancy new cable with nothing to plug into. Such is the plight of the sad NXG 20-meter HDMI 1.4 cable, whose 3D/2160p/Ethernet talents will simply go unnoticed, at least this year.

Available to system builders for a steep $380, the Y95054 doesn't seem like a fully baked product: despite adhering to some parts of the HDMI 1.4 spec, it doesn't yet have full certification, and the feature list seems to imply that the cable might not even support 1080p, much less the super-resolved 4k sets on the distant horizon—although in the future, maybe lowly, ancient 1080p output is just taken for granted? Who knows! In any case, the gates have officially opened on what may be the lamest "first on your block" race in recent memory. [DBL via Engadget]