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First official trailers for Syfy's new superhero series Alphas

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Alphas Cinema 90 NMS

The next original series on the Syfy slate is a Heroes-esque TV show called Alphas. The show follows a team of crime fighters, led by David Strathairn, whose abnormal abilities give them superpowers. Check out our exclusive video!

ALPHAS New trailer

Above is the new Alphas trailer released last week, and here is the most recent. Already the sassy kid is in the running to become our personal favorite. Then again, we haven't seen much from the ladies yet.


Here is our own little exclusive clip of an Alpha, caught on camera. So what do you think? Will this fill the superhero void left by Smallville, Heroes and The Cape? Alphas premieres on July 11th.