First Render of Richard Branson's Underwater Plane

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A few days before Crimbo last year, Blam posted on the news that Virgin boss Richard Branson was getting into deep water. Well, we've now got a render of the hydrobatic Necker Nymph, as it's been named.


The billionaire is taking delivery of the carbon-fiber underwater plane on February 20, and it will be available to guests at his luxury Necker Island resort. Sub, underwater plane, call it what you will, the Nymph uses fighter jet technology (pew pew) and is piloted with a joystick.

Although Branson has said that the carbon-fiber underwater plane would be able to go down to 35,000 feet, the $670,000 submersible can, for now, only dive to 130 feet. Yeah, well so can I, Richard - the only difference being, as far as I can see, is that I'm not a virgin. [Daily Mail]



This design seems odd in terms of the cockpit.

Are the three separate canopies for greater strength?

Seems like having a single compartment would be less claustrophobic and give you more room to stretch out.

I'm waiting until we have one that can fly to 35,000 feet as well as dive to 35,000 feet. 70,000 foot operating range ftw.