AOL's Money section has a piece on five gadgets you shouldn't buy right now. The "you" in that statement is different from the "you" of Gizmodo readers, obviously, as you probably already have most of the items on this list. For the average person, they recommend holding back.

The list onsists of High Def DVD players, a PlayStation 3, Draft N routers, Windows Vista, and 10-megapixel cameras. Sure, we can see why HD players and Draft N are on the list—you want to wait until the scene stabilizes—but 10-megapixel cameras? Sure, most people don't notice the megapixel difference and megapixels are a lousy way of counting camera quality, but there's nothing wrong with getting a good camera that has more than 10-megapixels.


We also have a problem with their inclusion of Vista. As long as you have a decent enough PC that ran XP pretty well, then there's no real reason why you shouldn't go up to Vista.

Top 5 Gadgets You Shouldn't Buy [AOL]