Flash Flood of Fruit Juice Terrorizes Russian Town

Image: YouTube / Lipetsk Live
Image: YouTube / Lipetsk Live

Disasters aren’t funny. But sometimes they’re kinda silly.

Such is the case in Lebedyan, a town in southern Russia, where a roof collapse at the local Lebedyansky beverage factory, owned by PepsiCo, lead to a flash flood of fruit juice. Two people were injured in the roof collapse (not funny). The town does seem amused by the juice flood, however, which it documented with dashcam videos that were later uploaded the VK, the Russian equivalent of Facebook.


The streets are literally flowing with delicious pink juice.

It’s currently unclear if the juice spilled included Lebedyansky’s premium line of juice, Ya, or consisted of the company’s low-budget brands: Fruktoviy Sad, Frustyle, and Privet. Conservationists are concerned that the juice will flow into the River Don and cause a pollution crisis. Which makes you wonder how safe this juice is to begin with.



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