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FlashForward Isn't What You Expect, Says Star

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Thinking that ABC's FlashForward could be the next Lost-esque science fiction crossover hit? The show's Sonya Walger (AKA Penelope from Lost) has some bad news for you: It's not like Lost — and it's not science fiction.

Talking to Digital Spy, Walger dismissed comparisons between her new show and Lost:

I think they're only valid in that they're both big ensemble shows with one big concept or premise. But after that, they part ways really quite rapidly. FlashForward is definitely not a sci-fi show. It doesn't have the mythology of Lost. We have one major event that happens that you are asked to buy into. After that, you're dealing with very human ripple effects - how people deal with it and how they come to terms with it... It's very, very different [from Robert Sawyer's original novel]. It's a good, fun book and it's a great science fiction read but it's not the show at all.


Suddenly we're worried that, time-jump aside (and if the series is only going to deal with the very human ripple effects and not have a Lost-esque mythology, does that mean we won't explore the reason for the visions?), the show's going to turn into Gray's Future-Vision Anatomy. But at least we can see Walger being science-fictional in the last Lost season, right?

I don't know if I'm in the final season of Lost - no-one tells me anything! My hunch is that you'll see Penny again because I can't believe that they would just never refer to her again, but I have no idea.



FlashForward premieres on September 24th at 8pm on ABC.

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