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Samsung's Gear 2 smartwatch can be handy for checking your text messages without whipping your phone out of your pocket. But it's impossible to type on—literally, you can't reply to texts on the watch. Fleksy just changed that with Messenger, a Gear 2 SMS messaging app that brings Fleksy's intelligent keyboard to the very, very small screen.

To be fair, there's probably a reason why Samsung didn't include any kind of typing options in the handful of baked-in apps the Gear 2 ships with. That 1.63-inch-diagonal screen would be a bear to try and type on. But with Fleksy's intelligent algorithm turning your gibberish into something approaching English, maybe it'll work?


The app just came out today, so we haven't had a chance to actually play with it, but in Fleksy's video demo it looks like it does an admirable job of translating "Dlmodt trsfy" into "Almost ready." Which I sure as hell couldn't do.

If you're a Gear 2 user and you're just dying to answer your texts from your Dick Tracy wristputer, Fleksy Messenger is available from the Samsung Apps store starting today.

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