Flickr Now Lets You Embed Image Slideshows Directly In Web Pages

Illustration for article titled Flickr Now Lets You Embed Image Slideshows Directly In Web Pages

Flickr has a brand new feature, rolling out today, that provides code for embedding images or image slideshows directly into other websites. It looks to be a simple way for sharing sets of images without resorting to cumbersome galleries or uploads.


To access the embed code, just click the share button beneath any of your Flickr photos, and copy the code after choosing a size. Slap that into your site's HTML and it will look something like this:

As you can see, your Flickr username and the picture title is overlayed at the bottom, along with a big 'ol Flickr logo. That will no doubt have some photographers fuming, but honestly what did you expect?

You can view the embedded photos full-screen, though this feature doesn't seem to be working for us. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like the embeds conform to the aspect ratio of your photos. There are preset iframe sizes, but they are all the same 3:2 format. Other formats will display black bars. Yuck.

All in all, it's a nice way to show off a set of photos without a skyscraper of vertical scrolling or a poorly designed gallery. Hopefully users will react well after the seemingly non-stop crabby responses to each new rollout. [Flickr Blog via PetaPixel]