Flip Ultra HD: Our Favorite Cheap Camcorder Goes HD

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The most majorest problems with the Flip Mino HD are its squinty small screen and narrow lens, so seeing an HD rendition of our favorite cheap camcorderthe Flip Ultra HD—makes us happy.


Besides going HD—bringing it up to par with our other fave, Kodak's ZI6—the Flip Ultra HD gets HDMI, a rare rainbow unicorn for these cheap pocket cams. It's got two hours of record time, and removable rechargeable batteries. Gary walked out of Best Buy with the so-far-unannounced Flip Ultra HD for $200, which is high compared to Kodak's upcoming $150 Z1x. Still, we can't wait to get our hands on it. [Gaxonline via Engadget]



Here's the best pocket HD cheap camcorder no one knows about. Why? Because its a Walmart exclusive, and self respecting gadgeteers avoid Walmart like the plauge.

Shoots 1080, has a 5x optical zoom, and has the more ergonomic pistol grip with the flip-out screen.

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