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Flixwagon Broadcasts Video from Any iPhone

Steve Jobs didn't mention video features for the iPhone 3G or the new iPhone OS 2.0 but, thankfully, developers are working hard on it. Flixwagon has now created the first-ever video broadcast client for any iPhone. Just open the application, point the camera, and start transmitting video over the web.

Developers in the Flixwagon lab created the first-ever mobile client that can broadcast live high-quality video from unlocked iPhones to the web. The company wanted to experiment with ways to broadcast live video from the iPhone until the official SDK supports video. Flixwagon plans to continue working with the iPhone SDK in the future so that it can offer this functionality to all users once video becomes a standard iPhone feature.

After Flixwagon is installed on the phone, users can broadcast videos from it to the Flixwagon website with one click. Videos can be watched live or stored for future viewing. Also, they can be embedded in blogs via our flixee widget or uploaded to the user's YouTube account. Users can also easily determine which of their contacts to share each video with.


If you have an unlocked iPhone with Installer in it, you can click here to join the alpha testing. [Flixwagon and Flixwagon iPhone Clips]

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If it was up and ready to go, Jobs would have announced it. That doesn't mean that it can't or that they aren't working on it, because it obviously can. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple announced other features that will be added before July 11th.

The same goes for other missing features like copy & paste and MMS. They could very well have these features up and running right now for testing, but they don't want to make it public until they know that all issues and bigs are fixed in order to avoid breaking promises.

There were also other software related features made evident by the keynote that were not highlighted and didn't even get a bullet point which are more important to me than video recording (sending more than one photo in an email and support for multiple calendar groups). Multiple calendar groups is a huge thing for me because I have a lot of different calendars (work, sports, home, band gigs, concerts, etc), and I use the calendar on my iPhone a lot.

So, like I said, let's just wait. We can't really argue about something that we are both speculating about.