Floppy Skywalker and Darth Disk Fight to the Death or Something

Second parts are never good, except for the Godfather II and The Empire Strikes Back. This fight between the floppy sides of the Force is also a second part, better than the first one.

The author says he took "the audio output of an amplifier and added a clamping diode and feed the signal into one of the phases on the worm drive motor. To give the motor a louder sound I added a small DC voltage to the other phase. This coil had the oppisite polarity then that of the audio phase."

Apparently, only the lightsaber sound was added to the montage later. [Star Wars Blog]

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Hey, wait a minute. Are you saying that you didn't like The Dark Knight? Blasphemy Diaz, blasphemy.

Spiderman 2 was also notably better than part 1.