Flying Cars: Forget It

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We're suckers for flying cars around here. I mean, just look at that picture above. It is so cool. Who wouldn't want to fly above the daily traffic jam, pulling back on the steering wheel and rotating above the fray?


Meanwhile, back on terra firma, Mike Elegan at Personal Tech Pipeline talks some sense into us with his missive about how flying cars are a fantasy, how there's no such thing as a flying car, just a "roadable airplane," and shows us why the whole idea doesn't make a lick of sense anyway.


The guy makes some good points, such as, with all the shitty drivers on the road these days, do you really want them flying around, crashing into other flying cars, houses, and even commercial airliners? Maybe until these things can be completely computerized, flying cars should stay where they are now, in never never land.

The Myth Of The 'Flying Car' [personaltechpipeline, via The Raw Feed]

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Has anyone else seen the post on the consumerist about the air traffic controllers? Multiply that by 5 Million and that's just a damn mess. I'll stay on the tarmac thankyouverymuch.