Fold-Up DVD Player Concept

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Here's a techno-concept that's more like real origami than those overblown PDAs we've been ridiculing reporting about for the past few months—it's an e-paper DVD screen that folds up into a tiny package that's easy to carry around.

Of course, this is not real; it's a design concept from Inventables, a concept studio just north of Chicago. But it's a nice, fanciful graphic and we thought it might give you a peek into what technology could be like a few years from now. That e-paper screen itself is actually being developed by Mag-Ink in Israel (among others), but no one is saying when we might see a product like this in the real world. This concept is a little anachronistic, though, because by the time we see screens like this, won't DVD players be a forgotten relic, long since discarded to the ash heap of history?

Origami DVD Player [Inventables, via bornrich]