Foodie iPhone Cases Fool Your Eyes

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Flash drives disguised as sushi are totes old fish. But iPhone cases made to look like sushi? That's fresh.


These handmade Japanese iPhone cases made to look like food probably won't feel to good in your pocket (or belly) but they are pretty delicious to look at. There are all kinds of options, from sushi to ramen to chocolate to this case that's made to look like dango. The site is in Japanese, but I'm pretty sure this Google translation is accurate:

New sample is iPhone4 cover of the popular food dango with three colors of blood clots. Suites cases appeared catapult gonna want a tea? Is called a ball from the flowers in a cafe in the train or dango ★ Imashou'll also enjoy the flowers with this case. Some people wait to go, definitely astound your iPhone with this case! For the transparent case, the specifications ordered by the back portion of the food samples can be seen from the rear. Size Table: Production 3.4cm / vertical thickness of approximately 11.5 × 6 × transverse external dimension: Made in Japan (Made in Japan) This item is handmade to have individual differences. The camera lens is not part of a hole for the emphasis on design. Please remove the case when shooting.


Blood clots! Want!

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