Fossil Abacus SPOT Watch Reviewed

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I've yet to buy into this whole SPOT watch thing from Microsoft, mainly because I don't feel like paying a yearly fee to tell time. But the watches do offer some cool, if limited functions, so I am almost persuaded to give it a try after reading this review of the Fossil Abacus watch. Not because this SPOT watch does anything that the others don't do, but just because it doesn't look commit retina sodomy like most of them do. For $130, though, I really wish I could set up RSS feeds or check emails or something on it. I love devices that let me soak in excess information, but only when I get to pick what that information is.


Review: Fossil Abacus [WristWatchReview]

Chris Walker writes:

I own a Fossil SPOT watch (the new one which looks even cooler than the Abacus).

I noticed one big inaccuracy in your report today, and in the article that your report was highlighting.

The SPOT watches do _not_ need a subscription to get the time. In fact, they get the time, the current day s high/low weather, some national news headlines, and major indices (stock quotes) free of charge.

If you want to pay the $40/yr, you can get current weather temp, more news stories, sports scores, local movies, and a bunch of other good stuff. And for $60/yr (which is what I m paying), you can get Outlook calendar sync and instant messages (and e-mails forwarded through check it out).