Four Minutes With FIFA 11 For iPhone

Developers are really getting a sense of what they can do for iOS, namely, making console-quality ports of their popular franchises. FIFA 11 feels as good as the older FIFAs did a few years ago, meaning, I'm still lousy at them.


When you consider that FIFA 11 on iPhone has this many options and quite a bit of depth, the $5 price is a huge deal compared to FIFA 11 for the PSP, which is $40. The PSP version might still be better, gameplay-wise and control-wise and depth-wise, but is it eight times better? Probably not. [iTunes]

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A load of people in school had bought FIFA 11 and were looking at the box (yes, looking at the box) during lunch.

I looked over and said 'oh! It's that game I bought for the PS1 8 years ago!' to which many of them said 'it's different'. I asked how and they said 'the players are different and the graphics are better'.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the graphics were fine 8 years ago and you cannot make out the difference between any bloody player from the distance it shows, nor does it make a difference other than the name on their shirt. The controls haven't even changed.

Yet they all payed £40 (~$60). The mind boggles...