Four New Logitech Speaker Sets Feature 360-Degree Sound

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Logitech's really pushing this "omnidirectional acoustics" stuff with their new speaker sets—they've got both front- and rear-facing drivers in each satellite, and the subwoofers (when included) push the sound downwards rather than out.

Omnidirectional acoustics sounds pretty nice for the more portable 2.0 sets, the Z320 and Z520, but we're not sure if they'll be that useful for comparatively more anchored 2.1 sets that, in our experience at least, are usually placed up against a wall, effectively blocking half of that 360 degrees. But Logitech speakers are reliably nice-sounding, and seeing as how we can't very well judge them without hearing them, we'll have to suffice on specs for now. All of these are packing an additional input for MP3 players as well as a headphone jack.

The Z320 is a 10-watt 2.0 system marketed for laptops, and costs $70, while its 2.1 cousin, the Z323, packs 30 watts (18 for the subwoofer) and RCA audio in at the same price. The more expensive Z523 2.1 set (pictured) is pretty much the same as the Z323 with a bump to 40 watts of power, and checks in at $100. At the top of the list is the Z520, a 2.0 set with 26 watts of power that costs $130. We'll have to try them out for ourselves to see if this 360-degree sound is all Logitech says it is. [Logitech]

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John Goodson

What they need to do is release a new version of the z-5500s that i have two sets of. The best speakers you can buy for the price, and they haven't updated them in years