Four Words: Secret. Folding. Bookshelf. Door. 'Nuff Said.

Illustration for article titled Four Words: Secret. Folding. Bookshelf. Door. Nuff Said.

If you've managed to scrimp and save $3,000 for some much needed home improvement, forget about fixing that giant hole in the floor of the kids' room and instead install this secret folding bookshelf door in front of your study.


Because creating the illusion that you live in some kind of awesome super-villain lair is just about the best kind of home improvement there is. And once you convince your significant other that secret passageways are a must-have accessory, it paves the way for future home improvement projects like great white shark tanks, rocket-launched escape pods, and even weather machines. (That last one can really increase the curb appeal of your home.) [Opulent Items via The Red Ferret Journal]

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How much more would it cost to enable the door to open automatically by tilting one of the books on the shelf?