Four Year Strong: Beatdown in the Key of Happy

Vaguely screamy, ostensibly-semi-"hardcore"-but-mostly-without-the-"hard"-part pop punk isn't typically the foot you lead with if you want somebody to respect and admire your musical taste. But screw it, it's Saturday night and let's have some FUN.


Four Year Strong is I guess probably a "pop punk/melodic hardcore" band that formed around 2001, and "Beatdown in the Key of Happy" is one of the many eccentrically (also: amazingly/amusingly) named jams of their debut album Rise or Die Trying. That is all beside the point though and what matters is that this song is fun as hell.

That excessive gallop strumming strike you as a little cheesy? You are thinking too hard. The breakdown strike you as laughably bro-core? Still thinking too hard. Can't quite abide that "ohhh" growl? I think you know the problem by now.

There's a highschooler part of me that still loves this song—that whole album—to death, and a vaguely more judgmental adult-ish part that's ashamed for ever loving something so beardedly-hipster and silly so genuinely.

But tonight, I'm hanging out with first guy. I hope you'll join me; I think I might know a dude who can score us a 12 pack of Keystone Light. [Spotify, Amazon, iTunes]


I love this album. I love Enemy of the World too. their new album is really uninspired which is depressing, to say the least.

also Four Year Strong have the best bonus songs.