Foxconn Worker Had 16 iPhone Prototypes, Girlfriend Given MacBook

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The NYT has more on the death of Sun Danyong, the Foxconn worker who apparently committed suicide after an iPhone prototype went missing. As compensation, his family has been paid about $44,000, and his girlfriend received an Apple laptop.


Sun apparently was given not just one, but 16 prototype iPhones on July 9 or 10 to deliver to R&D, and he reported one missing three days later. He committed suicide early in the morning on July 16, after allegedly suffering through brutal interrogations.

Foxconn's China general manager James Lee told the NYT that Sun had a history of disappearing products: "Several times he had some products missing, then he got them back," and that they "don't know who took the product, but it was at his stop."

The NYT closes with an episode that again shows the kind of people Sun had to deal with: Not long after Sun's father finished telling journalists Foxconn treated the family well, a security guard with two men in Foxconn shirts appeared and threatened to beat up a journalist's translator if they kept asking the family questions. Foxconn swears the guard wasn't one of their guys.

I'm sure he had nothing to do with Foxconn, and was just some dude who asked to tag along with the guys in Foxconn shirts. You know, for fun. [NYT]




Every prior writer about this story should be ashamed of themselves. As ususal you took part of a story and in stead of finding all the facts you made your own conclusion. Everyone wanted to hate Apple and Foxconn. No one could ever think that the guy actually did do something wrong. The world may not be a perfect place but its not that evil.

As for this threat of a boycott agains apple and or foxcann. YOU ARE ALL HIPOCRATES!!!! China is not a democracy nor a republic. You buy many of their goods already. If you stop purchasing from apple/foxconn but still continue with your notmal purchased you have changed nothing.

I am in no way going to stop purchasing goods from China. I am aware of the poor conditons their. That is why I do not live their nor an I that concerned with visitng them. In the end though, "man" has an option to work and these individuals have chosen to do so in this country. No one is forced to work.