Foxconn Workers Don't Get Mad, They Get Even (By Burning Their Factory Down)

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There's a lot of hostility swirling around Foxconn these days. First, Foxconn security assaulted a photograph-snapping reporter in China. Now there's a report that workers at a Mexican Foxconn factory burned the joint down after being forced to work overtime.


Apparently at the end of the work day on Friday, supervisors at the Foxconn factory in Juarez, Mexico weren't quite ready to wrap up for the weekend, so they told the workers that the transportation trucks that take them home everyday were being held up at a military checkpoint. In the meantime, the workers were forced to keep toiling away without any extra compensation.

Well, that bit about the military checkpoint wasn't entirely true, and when the workers found out that the trucks were just being blocked-in in the parking lot, they expressed their anger by setting fire to the gymnasium, the area of the building in which the factory's finished computers and cell phones are stored.

This reportedly isn't the first time the slimy managers at the Juarez plant had tried to strong arm their employees into staying overtime without extra pay, so the explosive reaction is not entirely surprising. Sometimes you just gotta fight fire with arson. [El Norte (sub. required) - Thanks Wilibaldo]



I hate overtime, fire is the only appropriate response.