Fox's Potential Torchwood: Captain Jack Will Not Be "De-Gayed"

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While the fate of Fox's Torchwood is still firmly in the undecided column, John Barrowman has been letting his feelings be known about whether Captain Jack Harkness would appear in it - and whether he'd be censored for US audiences.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Barrowman - about to start a run on ABC's Desperate Housewives - seems to be firmly back in the "No Torchwood without me" camp:

Julie has said, as has Russell, that there will be no Torchwood without John Barrowman as Capt. Jack... If I am asked to do Torchwood again, I will do it at the drop of a hat - whether it's in America or back in Britain or if it's for a film. I absolutely love Capt. Jack.


On the subject of whether the more sexual nature of Jack would be changed for more conservative US audiences, Barrowman said that any attempt to do so would be met by a "really big discussion," adding,

The last thing I would want would be for Jack to become this heterosexual, straight hero. He's an omnisexual guy. He likes men, women, aliens, whatever. I think we should continue going down that route.


Somewhere, someone at Fox is inevitably preparing for a really big discussion with Russell T Davies over whether "omnisexual" can be redefined as "liking hot women and aliens that look like hot women," we're sadly convinced...

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