Frack-Me Shoes Come With a Stair Counter, but No Stabilizers

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Costume National, purveyors of sleek, minimal-yet-glam clothes for people like me, has the perfect argument for not mixing clothes and technology, if you get my drift. A pair of the fuckiest fuck-me booties does not need to come with a stair counter screwed onto the ankle—a smaller (obviously) version of those machines that, I believe, exist in the gym. You do not do stairs in these shoes. You do your man in these shoes—maybe on the stairs, but believe me, no climbing is involved. They'll be out in September. [Fashion and Runway and WWD]


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@carmen89: I have always said that women dress up for other women, not men.

Though there are probably those men who care that a woman has a Kate Spade, D & G or Coach purse, or would notice that a female has on a nice pair of shoes, I would postulate that most men just care if a woman takes care of herself, has a great smile, and is able to have fun.

All the body glitter and accessories in the world are unlikely to make a guy look at one woman over the other, but we can rest assured that the other women in the room are going to notice.

I figure, if you like your shoes as much as I like pmp3 players, phones, and reading about nanotech, more power to you.

@Step666: I wasn't sure if he was still even responding to me after the 3rd post. Talk about your brain spills.