Free Fall High Score: Drop Your iPhone Off the Tallest Building to Win the Game

Now THIS is an iPhone game. Free Fall High Score is a self-described "antagonistic" app where the whole point is to drop your iPhone off the tallest building you can find. The higher, the better.


I'm really hoping that this can become a thing. Just watch the video. The guys tossed their iPhone off the High Line Park in New York (an elevated "urban park" on the west side) and recorded the whole thing as proof. Sure, the video only lasted all of 6 seconds before it landed but think about the adrenaline rush! It's balls out crazy.

From what I can make out, here are the rules of the Free Fall High Score game:

• Grab your iPhone
• Set your iPhone to record video
• Toss said iPhone off a really tall building
• Have friends catch the falling iPhone with a blanket (this is pretty important!)
• Stop recording
• Longest recorded video of a falling iPhone wins

The 'game' was created during Art Hack Weekend presented by The Creators Project and Eyebeam Team and I think there are people that can do better. 6 seconds is chump change, the High Line can't be taller than like 7 stories. If you do decide to play this game (and for legal reasons, I cannot encourage you to play it and ruin your phone), be sure to tag your video #freefallhighscore on Twitter! [Free Fall High Score via The Creators Project]



This reminds me of the last week of my high school physics class. Instead of lectures or tests, which most students would completely ignore (last week of school!), we competed in the Physics Olympics to see who could win in events like drop an egg (w/ some paper and tape to cushion it) from the highest without it breaking, build the best bridge out of only a few provided items, etc. Also, we got prizes. Sure it was only one of 3 ugly ties our teacher was known for, but I cherished my second place ugly tie prize for a few years afterwards. Good times.