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Fathers of teenage daughters, listen very carefully to us. There is a service called iText. It will allow your daughter to text message for free. Still with us? Haven't fainted? Good. iText works by downloading its Java-based program to your mobile phone and allowing you to text message with it for free. Of course, you'll be required to view some advertisements to get this free deal, but even iText is cool with advertisements and you. To quote iText:

"We will never send you an advertisement unless you are topping up. You also get to choose whose advertisement you want to see. If you re not in the market for a used accordian, you don t have to hear about one."


Awesome. Because to be honest, I was in the market for one and now I can view an interesting assortment of adverts related to accordians. Just watch out, though, you'll still have to pay your provider for data, so make sure you get an unlimited data plan, a good data plan, or check your cellphone every day to monitor how much data you've used.

iText Site [via Red Ferret]

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