Freediver Plunges Into the Abyss

In this remarkable clip, world freediving champion Guillaume Nery stands at the edge of the world's second deepest underwater sink hole. And he jumps. The ensuing photography is a hypnotic adventure into the impossible.


While Nery contends that no freediver can nor ever will make it to the bottom of Dean's Blue Hole, he spent four afternoons pulling off the stunts to simulate the effect while girlfriend/freediver Julie Gautier, just as impressively, filmed them (while freediving herself!) with a Canon 5D Mark II. [Julie Gautier via GrindTV]



Another "RTFA, everyone". Not that the video isn't incredibly awesome, it is, but it is multiple takes assembled for dramatic effect, and he did not go to the bottom.

(Also, Man-vs-Wild and its ilk are all completely fake. Every single presenter has camera crews set up multiple angles for shots, so the crews obviously run ahead and set up routes and so forth. Please engage brain first, responsibly enjoy extreme visual media second. Yes, even that show where it's just the guy and his camera- watch more closely next time he's crossing a perilous gap and somehow there's already a camera looking back from the other side.)