Fring iPhone App Allows Skype Calls over 3G

Yesterday a change to the iPhone SDK allowed for VoIP over 3G and we heard about the first app which'll offer the functionality. Today another iPhone app, Fring, has begun allowing video and voice calls using Skype over 3G.


You don't need to update your version of the Fring app as it was simply a matter of Apple lifting some restrictions on its end. You can now freely make Skype calls without being connected through Wi-Fi—assuming you've got decent reception.

Still no word on when we'll get an official app from Skype though. [Fring via Pocket Lint via Engadget]



Anyone know how much bandwidth the average VoIP call uses? I just reduced my plan to 500MB a month because I got sick of paying $100 a month for 3GB and figured I could use wi-fi instead, so I don't want to go Fringe crazy and find out I went over my measly 500MB limit.