Frog the size of a child reportedly found (and eaten) in Malaysia

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When you've discovered a 20-kilogram frog with the legs the length of a seven-year-old child's, do you A.) keep it for posterity; B.) donate it to science; or C.) eat the sonofagun before it eats you?

For one giant-frog-finder, the answer was clearly "C." A man from the town of Gemencheh in the Malaysian state of Negeri Sembilan claims this is a cellphone photo of giant frog caught by a local Orang Asli man.


According to MySinChew:

[His] friend offered to buy the frog for RM500 but the Orang Asli demanded RM1,000 instead. As the friend was not having enough money with him at that time, he went home to get more money [...]

"When my friend returned to the Orang Asli's house with the money, he discovered that the giant frog had been slaughtered and eaten. It was also learnt that the Orang Asli fell ill after consuming the frog and until today, he is still bed-ridden and unable to move around," he said.


Remember, if you eat a mysterious animal, you don't gain its powers — otherwise, I'd be dining on a steady diet of pistol shrimp, cheetah, and Turritopsis nutricula. In any case, this incident reminds me of Canada's Coleman Frog, which supposedly grew to a giant size thanks to steady diet of whiskey and buttermilk.

Spotted on Nerdcore. Photo: Sin Chew Daily.